UK Shared hosting

Shared web hosting is a website hosting service provided on a  shared servers, specifically created for this. On that server there is a greater number of customers who share server resources. When we meet the notion of shared hosting automatically have to think like a server there are many users who use services similar to ours.

A very important thing to note is the share price to host small that it offers, most specialized companies offering this service at prices starting from 1 pound / month, and the spaces are in constant growth. If we ask, “Why space is in constant growth?” Not at all difficult to find an appropriate response, namely that prices of computer hardware, which consists normal and hosting server are in constant decline, so that makes it easy to provide the same services but improved to attract more new customers. Each company sets its hosting of the beginning some hosting packages we offer some resources and some space, e-mail boxes, databases, traffic, added fields, parked domains, subdomains and many other useful options to customers.

What is hosting space? What are the mailboxes? But databases and traffic? But parked domains, add subdomains?

Hosting space on the hard disk quota is a shared hosting server for a client or a hosting package. Space may vary depending on the package and price the customer pays. Mailboxes or email addresses enable customers to create persoanlizate addresses. For example if someone has hosted the it can create and or addresses.

Databases are increasingly used in web pages. They basically consist of tables to store information in a web page that is called when the page visitor access certain sections.

Web traffic is data transfer size performed at a time by a Web page. It is important to mention that since 2010 more and more hosting companies offering unlimited traffic.

In a hosting account you  can also add other areas to work or just as the main or separate from the main work. And here we emphasize park areas allocated on a hosting account displays the exact same content as the main, addon domains (or added) that displays the total content separately from the main and sub displays and other content from another domain But mainly they like extension respective main field.

Along with hosting offerings and technical support is offered for customers who keep their web pages on a server of a company that offers this service. This is certainly an advantage as a low enough price that the customer pays a hosting company, it benefits from technical assistance in terms of solving a problem or a malfunction in the website that has shared server.

Also most shared hosting companies offer a control panel (usually cPanel, Plesk or Webmin) that offers customers a friendly interface and relatively simple enough to add, delete, modify files, mailboxes, passwords, domains, subdomains , ETC. With this control panel, a hosting account can be used even by people who have a somewhat limited knowledge base, thanks to the friendly interface that told a little higher, but the existing tutorials.

And now to put less emphasis on shared server resources. How to divide them? Is there any limit in terms of this? What happens if the server load is too much? Who is affected if there is a hard problem at the server? Where and how is recommended to keep a shared server? What internet connection is recommended for such a server?

Shared server resources are normally fixed for all customers to benefit from them, their limit being given even the packages created and established by the company that own shared web hosting. Naturally, there may be cases in which server to load or because of a site hosted on it excessively consume resources (such as a web page has a script that runs a particular application or send a large number of emails at a time millisecond time). With this load are unfortunately affected all customers on that server. If the server gets to work hard because a client load that causes all the web pages for hard work because the person who causes the load. In these cases, if we have a page that consumes more resources, we can turn to a VPS or dedicated server.

Hard problems at the server, obviously are as dangerous as it is unpredictable. Besides giving headaches sometimes large enough server administrators, they cause major problems and clients. The reason is clear enough, namely if a component from a server share is damaged, suffer all customers on that server is not working as web pages. This problem apparently can look as similar to the load but is more serious because it can involve costs at the server, which obviously supports their hosting company.

Hosting servers must be kept in a data center designed specifically for this, because where there is a very stable internet connection, a constant temperature, constant humidity and specialized personnel to handle them.

When it comes to internet connection from a server hosting, as it normally should be larger and there is possibility of a connection is the better backup.

In conclusion shared hosting brings lower prices, technical assistance, but is limited in terms of resources, but nevertheless are the most common and easiest ways to own a website, due to simplicity, flexibility and accessibility.

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