5 Years of fabulous UK Web Hosting service :) | Webhost.UK.Net

5 Years of fabulous UK Web Hosting service :) | Webhost.UK.Net

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WebHost.UK.Net this month I have completed 5 years with you. I guess if you are with a single web hosting provider for 5 years you are surely satisfied. Look at all new web hosting offers I should agree that couple of years back I was willing to chane provider of a non sense offer, but I could not do so as there was no reason I should have switched from such a good web hosting provider.

Their support staff is really patient when you are a new and as you gain relation with them I can say they are more friend and polite. I will rate support : 5 star performance.

For someone looking for reliable Web Hosting provider I will surely suggest WebHost UK is there best option in UK as they can get you though most difficult situations.

Best thing I like about WebHost.UK.Net for any server mantainance or migration to new hardware or upgrade server they informed me atleast a week prior and got the support work round the clock till all is well on the new one.

I will say you are then best dicission of my life.

Keep up the good work and guys reading thing review dont wait ..join WebHost uK and get piece of mind.


Richard Clarke
Money controls LTD

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